Sometimes I don’t understand you rich folk: II

Double washing the dishes… why?

So I just got a phone call from a friend, asking me to pick up some soap for the dish washing machine. I asked him, “If you are washing them in the sink, then why do they need to go into the washer as well?” Personally, I wash them by hand and put them on a rack to dry, so the whole “washing machine” things has been beyond me anyways. So, my friend explains how his roommate likes to use that soap. Now, what I don’t get is, I know how lazy rich people can be, so why the hell are ya gonna take the time to actually hand wash the dishes if you are going to put them in the machine anyways? (Yes I know major food clump removal, but that’s not an excuse!)

Making the Devil Real: Part Cuatro.

^^In the video, some insane Pastors are saying the same things as the Conspiratards… I mean Theorists. They are saying “Statue of Liberty is demonic” “Japan PM had sex with demons” “The Illuminati blah blah”. Now, the problem with this is that these same people are in cahoots with Rick Perry, who is the Governor of Texas.

Okay Theists/Theorists, if the elite “Secretly worship Satan”, then how come this guy has so many church brats in his corner and is calling for a “Day of Prayer”?
A. The “truth movement” has been infiltrated by Fundamentalist Christians to further their agenda
B. The peeps in the Gov’t are letting the church folks “expose their plans”… and then what?

If there was really some secret movement to kill everyone and bring the Antichrist, then does it make much sense to have a Governor in cahoots with the folks who are supposedly “exposing them”? No, it doesn’t, which means, of course, they are in this together trying to make the devil real.

Sometimes I don’t understand y’all rich folk.

Today’s topic:

Ya know, often times us poor folks get labelled as “lazy” or “unproductive”. This is true for people in every walk of life, even the rich folks.

For example, someone has a nice front yard, but since they have tons of money, they have someone install little sprinklers to water it for them. Now, how lazy is that? People can’t even take 5 minutes out of their day to water the yard themselves and instead rely on a timed system.

What about “getting the closest parking spot”? You ever seen those people that will circle around a parking lot for 5 minutes just trying to get the “best spot”? I laugh at those people when I’ve done parked in the back and made it into the store in the amount of time it takes them to drive around the parking lot three times. Also, poor folks don’t be havin’ enough gas just to drive around like that. Hell, even using the air conditioning is a waste of gas! So, not only do we want to conserve, but we also want to get the heck out of that hot ass car and into some A/C ;)

Or, how about those people that pay for vale’ parking at the shopping mall? Like seriously, you can’t even walk less than 500 feet to the door? You are intending to walk around the mall, right? So, I guess it’s against the rules to do more walking than will already by required of oneself, eh?

Rich people also love having other people clean their cars and houses for them. It’s like, they have lost that sense of pride and work ethic. (except at work where they get paid for it) These same rich people complain about illegals, but guess who does all their cleaning and yard work for them? Yep, those people they are trying to boot out. So, Mr. Million Dollars, you going to cut your own grass now? Or make your kiddo do it. No, no, Johnny can’t do hard work like that, he’s too busy playing whatever the newest Halo version out is…

Okay, I know not all rich people are like this, but I wanted to start a new series outlining some of my thoughts and experiences with the different “classes” here.

Pharmakos: Scapegoating.

This is going to be the first in a series of posts related to the Summer Solstice and mythology comparison. I was working on one and it ended up being three pages, so I figured I would go point by point instead of bombard everyone with one giant wall-o-de-text.

Let’s look at what the meaning of the word Pharmakos is:

pharmākos, in Greek religion, a human scapegoat used in certain state rituals. In Athens, for example, a man and a woman who were considered ugly were selected as scapegoats each year. At the festival of the Thargelia in May or June, they were feasted, led round the town, beaten with green twigs, and driven out or killed with stones. The practice in Colophon, on the coast of Asia Minor (the part of modern Turkey that lies in Asia) was described by the 6th-century-bc poet Hipponax (fragments 5–11). An especially ugly man was honoured by the community with a feast of figs, barley soup, and cheese. Then he was whipped with fig branches, with care that he was hit seven times on his phallus, before being driven out of town. (Medieval sources said that the Colophonian pharmākos was burned and his ashes scattered in the sea.) The custom was meant to rid the place annually of ill luck

This phrase, scapegoat, is also found in the Bible:

Leviticus 16:10 But the goat, on which the lot fell for the scapegoat, shall be presented alive before Yahweh, to make atonement for him, to send him away for the scapegoat into the wilderness.

It also appears in Revelations, with quite a nasty connotation.

Revelation 22:15 Outside the city are the dogs–the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and all who love to live a lie.

But a commentator thinks that there may be more to it than meets the eye, because we all know that the bible was written to condemn those in the arts, so looking at it without that bias may bring this interpretation.

Pharmakoi in Revelation 22:15 are situated outside the holy city thus stating that there is no place in a peaceful society for blaming others for the fault that is their own. This idea of blame and revenge lies at the very heart of society, and Jesus in his death as a pharmakos uncovers the mechanism of blame and revenge which generates violence.

Here is the cult of Cernunnos from the Gaulish/Celtic mythology

Sacrifice by Proxy
[Triple Death Myth]
This resembles the Greek practice of Pharmakos (scapegoat). An account written by the 4th centry AD grammatarian Servius Honoratus describes how in Gaul the status of privilege was granted to an individual of the lowest social position for a period of one year. The chosen individual would be kept at the expense of the local people. In return for this high living he had to voluntarily offer himself up for sacrifice to the gods to resolve a certain problem. Caeser records an alternative source of supply for victims if volunteers were not forthcoming.

–Ceaser—“They (the Druids) believe that the execution of those who have been caught in the act of theft or robbery or some other is more pleasing to the immortal gods, but when the supply of such fails they resort to the execution even of the innocent.”
De Bello Gallico VI,6

The Lost Zodiac of the Druids, by Gregory A. Clouter Pg. 22

There is a problem here, when it comes to saying that this was the practice of the Druids, because the cult that made this scapegoating was a small cult of Cernunnos, know by different attributes than what are purported him today.

Stay tuned, and please keep this post in mind :)

Utah AG: Legalize Marijuana

I’m beginning to really hate this town.

A group of customers came into the shop and were inquiring about the Shisha. (hookah tobacco, for those that don’t know what it is) I opened up a box to show it to them, and explained that is it a popular habit in the Middle East. One of the ladies whom I was handing the package to immediately threw it on the counter and said–
“It’s from the Middle East get it away from me!”
Me- “Erm, lady, that brand is actually made in the USA.”
Lady- “Fuck that stuff, those people want to kill us. Fuck the Middle Easterners!”

I stood frozen, wanting to say something, but couldn’t. They were a group of 5, and it was me here alone.

Racist ass bitch, don’t let me see your ass in public!

A Glimpse into the Past.

This is going to be part one of the series
“Christianity: The Greatest Tool for Creating Tools.”
Apparently that is an offensive title. ;) (Inside joke to those in the know)


Let me begin my blog with a hypothetical but probable scenario of the past prior to the take-overs and religiously fuel conquests/wars.

The people were happy in their lives, working together in communities to support each other and sustain their livelihoods. Everyone had their trades in which they had practiced their lives to master. It wasn’t always the family trade of the family, apprentices were welcome in any field in which there was an opening. The people worked hard by day, and enjoyed a great merry meal with parties in the night times. There was no reason to stay shut inside the home if the weather were nice, for closed quarters are not conducive to loud music and dancing.
The town had a wise person, whom was sought out for civil disputes and advice. In a time of crisis, this was the person to go to. Sometimes this person was also well versed in poetry and knowledgeable in medicine, sometimes that was another person’s station. Bottom line is, there was no social hierarchy from which one was labeled below or above another, the only social distinction being the type of trade, all of which were necessary for survival.
There were major celebrations on the Sabbaths, or holy days. These days were not holy because of the name of a Saint, or a deity, but because something special happens with the energy 8 times a year. This was ancient knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Not everyone understood completely the meaning of the festivities and what their energies entailed, but it didn’t matter because they knew the positive results which were yielded year after year.
The ones that did understand the complete meanings and were in charge of maintaining a lineage of folks to carry on that knowledge, for it was vital to existence. They were taught the arts of Astronomy/Astrology, Divination, Soul Traveling, and other spiritual and otherwise extra ordinary practices. They understood the importance of the power that came along with this knowledge, and would root out individuals caught causing malefic things to happen, for when one has a heightened sense of perception, their energy is easy to feel.
The day to day life was never dull. In the morning, everyone rose with the sun to see it rise and collect the energy which it gives off. Men and women would take turns venturing to the stream to freshen up. In more liberal cultures, they would simply bathe together. After that meals were served, and then it was time for the day’s production. Small children were kept with the mothers while house and farm duties were taken care of. Fathers were working hard either with the building or repair of something. After a long day’s work, a great feast would be prepared by the mothers with small children, and everyone gathered at sunset to say good night to the day star. After meals, the musicians would take their places, people of young and old would dance around a fire, and young lovers disappeared into the woods.

Then one day, some strangely clad folks from an unknown place came into the village, and asked to speak to the wise person. The villagers, not aware of the intent of the stranger, politely escorted them to their residence. Once inside, the forgieners took to immediately killing the wise person, and brought their dead body out to the village square.
The people gathered in fear and horror as their beloved friend or family member’s dead body was on display as a trophy. A proclamation shortly followed the grotesque display.
“People of this village, you have two options, either bow down to our god, or suffer the pains of death,” The people, not quite sure what the god was just kinda stared at him for a second. Not having clearly thought this through apparently, the stranger addressed them again.
“Our leader is named God, he is in the sky and watches all of you at all times. Either you accept us as representatives of him and proclaim that he is your lord, or cease to live.”

The rest is history.

Who were these people from the strange land? Why did they want to do this to these poor people? I am sure this was the most common question running through the minds of the deceased of the ancient cultures whom were invaded. They had no answer for that question.

Well, if I could go back in time, I would tell those people that the is the answer is this:
You had too much power.


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